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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Fall Budget Sheet for Spain, Seville: Communication, New Media & Journalism (CIEE).

Fall Budget Sheet for Spain, Seville: Communication, New Media & Journalism (CIEE)
Fall Budget Sheet for Spain, Seville: Communication, New Media & Journalism (CIEE)
Budget Item Cost
Affiliate Program Fee (click for details) *   -$2,207.00
Health, Safety and Sustainability Fee (four months) *   $524.00
Elon Semester Study Abroad Fee (click for details) *   $4,600.00
Elon semester tuition 2020-2021 *   $18,707.00
Billable subtotal:  $21,624.00
Estimated International Airfare   $1,100.00
Estimated Entry Visa Fees   $160.00
Estimated Ground Transportation   $300.00
Estimated Books and Supplies   $250.00
Estimated Spending Money   $2,800.00
Estimated Visa-Associated Expenses   $150.00
Estimated Passport Cost   $145.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $4,905.00
Total: $26,529.00
The budget sheet information listed above is valid for Fall 2020.


Billable Costs*
The billable costs for this program include tuition, international health insurance, housing, meals**, program-integrated study tours, airport pick-up, orientation, library and IT services.

The study abroad fee is subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuation and cost increases by the host institution.

**Meals only provided for students in homestay; students in residencia should budget $1,500 per semester.


Spending Money
Spending money for this program includes travel, gifts, cell phone, entertainment, and miscellaneous.

Visa-Associated Expenses
Students will be required to appear in person at the Spanish consulate with jurisdiction over their home state in order to apply for a visa.  In many cases this will require transportation to and a hotel stay in the appropriate city.  The estimated visa-associated expenses listed above include the cost of travel and accommodations. 

The visa application fee as of summer 2014 is $160.00.

Estimated Costs
The estimated costs listed above are mid-range amounts subject to change at any time and are dependent upon personal preferences.  Design a budget based on your semester expenditures at Elon and take into account additional travel expenses and exchange rates. To check exchange rates, visit or

Other costs not included on the budget sheet
If you do not have a passport that is valid until six months beyond your anticipated return for this program, visit the Department of State website to see the current processing fees for passport renewals and first time applications. 
(The cost for a new passport is approximately $135; the cost for a passport renewal is approximately $110).

International Student Cards
The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and iNext card are popular forms of student identification abroad and can include additional insurance policies.  Visit the ISIC website or iNext website to get more information on the benefits of these cards and to purchase one for your time abroad.

Immunizations and Medications
Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to see the recommended and required immunizations and medications for your program.  Talk with your family and your physician to decide which immunizations and medications you will get before you travel.  Visit the study abroad Health and Safety webpage for more information on where you can obtain immunizations.

Funding for Study Abroad
For additional information on scholarships or other funding for study abroad, see the Funding for Study Abroad page.

* Billable item