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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Spring Budget Sheet for Elon in New York City (NYC).

Spring Budget Sheet for Elon in New York City (NYC)
Spring Budget Sheet for Elon in New York City (NYC)
Budget Item Cost
Study USA Semester fee *   $7,585.50
Elon semester tuition 2017-2018 *   $16,914.50
Billable subtotal:  $24,500.00
Estimated Ground Transportation   $600.00
Estimated Books and Supplies   $200.00
Estimated Meals   $2,750.00
Estimated Spending Money   $750.00
Estimated Domestic Airfare   $450.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $4,750.00
Total: $29,250.00

The budget sheet information listed above is valid for Spring 2018

Billable Costs

Study USA Semester Fee

For payment and cancellation deadlines, see the Study USA Payment and Cancellation Policies page.
The program fee includes:

The Study USA Semester fee for this program includes tuition, housing, on-site orientation, various course-related co-curricular activities, internship search support, alumni mentoring.

The Study USA Semester fee is subject to change due to vendor costs and/or number of students enrolled.

Non-billable/Estimated Costs

Estimated costs listed above are not included in what is billed to the student account. These estimates are mid-range amounts, subject to change at any time, and are dependent upon personal preferences.  

Estimated Spending Money

The spending money estimate for this program includes gifts, entertainment, books, and miscellaneous.

Estimated Immunizations, and Medications, and Medical Exams

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to see the recommended and required immunizations and medications for your program. Talk with your family and your physician to decide which immunizations and medications you will get before you travel. Visit the global engagement Pre-departure Health and Safety webpage for more information on where you can obtain immunizations.

Funding for Global Engagement

For additional information on scholarships or other funding for global engagement programs, see the Financial Planning for Global Study page.
* Billable item