Recommender Homepage

Redirecting to your Recommender Homepage

When you log into the Study Abroad/Study USA application system, do you land on a page titled "Applicant Home" or "Registrant Home" when trying to complete a recommendation for a student?  If so, this is because the GEC has at some point registered your travel with a group of students, either as a program leader or for cohort travel.  Our application system defaults to the applicant/registrant home for all users unless you reset the landing page.

Toggle to your Recommender Homepage:

  1. Follow the link emailed to you to log into the application system.  Or, navigate directly to the site and click "LOGIN" in the top right corner to access your account.homepage
  2. After logging in with your Elon username and passcode, click the home icon in the top left corner. home
  3. Select "Recommender."
    home drop down
  4. You should be able to access your pending student recommendation prompts from there.recommender home

Reset your Recommender Home as your default landing page:

  1. Click the home icon in the top left corner.home
  2. Select "Administrative."
    drop down admin
  3. Select "Admin Settings."admin settings
  4. Select your landing page from the drop-down menu.drop down
  5. Click "update" at the bottom of the page.update