Short-Term Programs Newsletter: Logistics Overview

Short-Term at Elon

This message is for students and family members of students participating in a Study Abroad or Study USA short-term program in the fall of 2019, Winter Term 2020, and/or spring 2020. In this first newsletter you’ll find general information pertaining to timelines and processes.
GEC Short-Term Program Managers

Every program has a program manager within the GEC. The program manager will work with you and your faculty Leaders to make sure that the program is successful. Contact your program manager with any questions. 
               Janelle Papay Decato        Catherine Hinken        Maria Papapietro 
                                      Rhonda Waller               Mark Dalhouse                Victoria Lo 

Complete by Fall Semester 2019:

3D box  ID/Passport Upload
3D box  Personal Information Form (PIF)
3D box  Vaccinations
3D box  Learning Content Videos

Confirm Passport Validity

Your passport must be valid through July 2020.
You are required to upload a scanned copy and enter details of your passport to your MyElonGlobal application as requested in a questionnaire. (Airline tickets cannot be issued without each student’s passport information.)

Study USA Program Participants: Please make sure you have a valid ID for travel by referring to TSA's "REAL ID" Briefing. Upload your valid ID to your MyElonGlobal application.

Personal Information Form (PIF)

Please complete a Personal Information Form, available as a questionnaire in your MyElonGlobal application. This form allows you to address any health concerns – physical, psychological, or emotional – prior to going on your program.

Travel, both international and domestic, can magnify many conditions. Review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs websites for country-specific information about health and safety. 

For international travelers: Certain over-the-counter and prescription medications readily available in the US are restricted or illegal in some countries. Check with the above sites, the website of your host country's embassy, and the Overseas Security Advisory Council guidance to learn more about any potential restrictions on medications.


You should contact your home physician or visit a local travel clinic to obtain any vaccinations your program may require.

It is in your best interest both financially and otherwise to obtain vaccinations over the summer in consultation with your primary care physician and family. 

Learning Content Videos

Each student must complete all Learning Content Videos listed in their MyElonGlobal application.

Group flights have been reserved with Direct Travel, our partner travel agency. Official flight itineraries will be sent late September/early October!
Direct Travel will be on campus late September to assist with domestic flight connections to the group hub city.

If you are…

  1. Planning a family vacation that is either before or after the program in the location of your study abroad program. 

  3. An international student and will be abroad already.

  5. Spending the spring semester on a global engagement program, so your international flight truly needs to be different from the group.

… you may be eligible for a travel deviation. Please complete the Student Travel Deviation Form by September 5, 2019 and the GEC will assist you.

The program itinerary (accommodations and activities) will be distributed by faculty leaders in class or on Moodle during the fall pre-departure course.

Payment and cancellation deadlines can be found online on the Winter Term Deadlines page.

Winter Term and Iceland Travel-Embedded: Program costs will appear on your E-bill after the application deadline and are due Sept. 30. Last date to cancel and obtain a deposit refund is Sept. 2 for most programs.

Peru Wilderness & Adventure Therapy Travel-Embedded: Program costs will appear on your E-bill along with your fall tuition and fees. 
Each program has a unique cost which is located on the program budget sheet online. Traditional methods of payment are accepted.
If you have any questions regarding the program costs please contact Janelle Papay Decato in the Global Education Center. If you have any questions regarding how to pay for the program please contact Jay Harper in the Bursar’s office.
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