Short-Term Programs Newsletter: Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

This message is for students and family members of students participating in a Study Abroad or Study USA short-term program in the fall of 2019, Winter Term 2020, and/or spring 2020. In this second newsletter you’ll find general information about medical considerations, wellness plans, and resources.


• Talk to primary care physician
• Complete Personal Information Form (PIF)
• Passport/ID
• Create a Wellness Plan


Create a Wellness Plan

If you are currently (or have recently) received treatment for a psychological concern, or have any new, intermittent or ongoing medical/surgical issues, reach out to your therapist/psychiatrist/medical doctor/surgeon/ treatment provider to discuss the potential stresses of traveling on both your psychological and physical health preferably before your winter break. Work with your treatment provider to create a health plan for your time abroad. Be sure to identify how you will access social support, engage in self­ care behaviors, and cope with emergencies while you are away, remembering that due to the constraints of traveling you may not have access to the same types of resources as in the United States.
Remember that physical well-being has a significant impact on your mental well-being, so it is important to also focus on getting adequate sleep, good nutrition, and limiting substance use, including alcohol. Determine what is helpful for you before you leave (perhaps even write a list to bring with you to remind yourself) and then intentionally engage in those practices, even when you are feeling well.


If you are currently being prescribed medication, consult with your psychiatrist/medical provider to ensure that you will have enough to last throughout your travels. Prescriptions written by a provider in the United States cannot be filled in any other country. You will also need to check that your medications can be taken into the country(ies) you are visiting. Most insurance companies will allow you to fill a 90-day medication prescription, or allow a "vacation override" to make sure that you have enough. This should be discussed with your insurance company/pharmacy/medical provider at least 4 weeks before you leave. Do not plan on sending medications abroad since it will require customs paperwork and may be delayed in delivery or not arrive at all. It is not a good idea to discontinue or significantly change any medication/dosage just prior to leaving the United States, since you will not have access to your doctor to manage any problems.
Make sure you are covered by the appropriate immunizations for the place(s) you are visiting. Immunizations take two weeks to take effect, so do not wait until late December for your immunizations if you are studying abroad in Winter Term.

The CDC has some great health tips about vaccinations, medications and advise for traveling abroad.

Academic Considerations

The fall Pre-Departure Preparatory Seminar course is a prerequisite for the Winter Term program. Please make sure to provide letters of accommodation to your faculty. Letters are required for both fall and Winter Term courses. You can also speak with your program manager about specific arrangements during your program.
Office of Student Disabilities
If you are a student with a documented disability who will require accommodations in this course, please register with Disabilities Services in the Duke Building, Room 108 (278-6500), for assistance in developing a plan to address your academic needs. For more information, visit the Disabilities Services website

There are a plethora of smart phone apps that can help you focus on mental health wellness and self-care. Below are a few websites with descriptions of different apps; you may wish to review and download any app that may be beneficial to you prior to your departure.

Top 10 Mental Health Apps (PsychCentral)
Mental Health Apps (Zur Institute)

Elon Campus Resources

Student Health Services– 336.278.7230
Student Wellness – 336.278.5569 
Office of Student Disabilities – 336.278.6500
Counseling Services – 336.278.7280
**We also have ProtoCall Services counselors for after-hour crises calls.
Students are encouraged to visit Elon University Counseling Services prior to departure, where they can make a plan to ensure their mental well-being.
GEC Short-Term Program Managers

Every program has a program manager within the GEC. The program manager will work with you and your faculty Leaders to make sure that the program is successful. Contact your program manager with any questions. 
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