Short-Term Programs Newsletter: Safety and Travel Details

Safety & Travel Details

This message is for students and family members of students participating in a Study Abroad or Study USA short-term program in the fall of 2019, Winter Term 2020, and/or spring 2020. In this third newsletter you’ll find general information about health and safety.


 Review Responsible Behavior 

•  Understand Key Safety and Security Items

•  Know Emergency Situation Protocol 

Being a Student on a Global Engagement Program

As a student in a credit-bearing, academic study abroad or study USA course, you should be fully engaged and present in all course activities. Your time off-campus – be it in a museum, on a bus with a tour guide, speaking with local business leaders, working at a service site, or visiting a historic monument, is all part of the academic course in which you are enrolled. 

Approach each program activity in the same manner you would approach being in a classroom on campus – alert, engaged, and ready to learn. You are representing Elon University and the United States and your behavior reflects directly on this institution and your home country. 

Responsible Behavior

The Elon University Honor Code applies while off campus, and all academic and social policies may be enforced. We especially want to remind you of the risks involved if you choose to drink alcohol. If you are legally able to drink in the country in which you will be studying, please drink responsibly and in moderation. A significant number of US student health, safety, and security incidents abroad each year are directly related to excessive alcohol consumption. It is unacceptable to be at any class activities in a state of intoxication or hung over.

As a reminder, students are accountable for upholding Elon drug policies even when in countries in which certain drugs have been decriminalized or consumption is legal. No drugs!
Safety & Security

The GEC continually monitors evolving situations around the world, including daily email updates from the State Department and daily conversations with iNext. The safety and well-being of all program participants is the top priority of the GEC and faculty leaders. 

The GEC registers all study abroad participants in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Plan (STEP) through the US State Department. The GEC is ready and prepared to modify program activities and itineraries to respond to the directives of the U. S. Department of State as well as our trusted partners on the ground. 

Elon has canceled, evacuated, and relocated programs in the past, as a result of U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories, or in an abundance of caution around public health/safety concerns, such as Ebola. Examples of reasons for escalating a travel advisory have included an election season that is bound to have many strikes, demonstrations, or disturbances; a health alert such as an outbreak of H1N1; or evidence of an elevated risk of terrorist attacks. 

Participants are registered for iNext health and cancellation insurance. This coverage has provisions for political and natural disaster evacuation as well as standard cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, and baggage delay coverage.

This insurance cost is included in the program fees. All short-term participants are insured regardless of if they sign into their 
iNext account (log in information found in the email sent by iNext in mid-September).

Detailed plan information is located once participants log into their 
iNext account. If you have additional questions, please email Janelle Papay Decato at

If participants wish to obtain an 
iNext insurance card, please follow the directions in the iNext enrollment email. If participants are unable to find this email, please email for more information. It takes approximately 10 business days to obtain an insurance card via mail. 

Emergency Situations

You will receive a wallet card from your faculty with detailed hotel contact, contact information for Elon and local emergency numbers. Carry the card with you at all times. In the event of an emergency while you are abroad, contact local resources first! Your faculty leaders or one of the other local resources are best equipped to manage the situation in-country.

We can be reached at 336-278-6700, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (EST). 

In the event of an emergency outside office hours:
Call Elon Campus Police at 336-278-5555. 

Please note that our office is closed Monday, December 24 to Sunday, December 30; Tuesday, January 1; and Monday, January 14 but we remain available in the event of an emergency.  
GEC Short-Term Program Managers

Every program has a program manager within the GEC. The program manager will work with you and your faculty Leaders to make sure that the program is successful. Contact your program manager with any questions. 
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